Eleile - Words & Music by Kimo Keanu

I aloha ia uka `iu`iu
Ho`olau kanaka i na manu
He nahele i puia i ke `ala
Ka liko o ka `awapuhi

Lipolipo ka wai `o Eleile
Hu`ihu`i i ka noho a ka `ohu
I mehana i ka lau a ke aloha
I ka pili `ao`ao `ana iho

No ka nani lau lâ`î ke aloha
I ka ho`iho`i wai a ka liko
Eia ka hoa a `e kohu ai ê
O ka wahine o ka malu

Beloved is that distant upland
Peopled by the bidrs
A forest that is imbued with fragrance
Where the gingers form their buds

Dark is the water of Eleile
The cold dwelling place of the mist
It is made warm by love
That stood close at my side

For the beauty of the ti leaves we love
Closed into a bud by the water
This is the suitable companion
The woman of the clouds

Source: Noble's Collection - Eleile is a dark swirling pool on Maui also known as the water that returns the ti. It is customary to break a ti leaf stalk and throw it into the pool. As the water swirls, the leaves are unfurled, then pushed back into a long, tight bud. Translation by Mary Pukui