E Mâmâ E - by Hiram Kaehu


E Mâmâ ê
Mai uwe`oe
Hele a`e nô au
A huli ho`i mai

Hele `ia i ka lâ
O ka le`ale`a
A komo ke aloha
A huli ho`i mai

O wau kau
I kapa mai ai
He lî`ô Kaleponi
Pi`i nô ka hui

O ka pi`i no kau
A kapi`olani
O ka lina poepoe
Ho`okahi mile

Ha`ina `ia mai
Ana ka puana
E mâmâ ê
Mai uwe `oe

Dearest mother
I cry for you
I am leaving
But, I will return

This day I leave
My joy
Is based on charity
But, I will return

I am summoned
To California and am frightened
But will persevere
As part of the group
I travel inland
To a high point
To the race track
One mile
The end
Of my song
Dearest mother
I cry for you


Source: Lei of Stars CD - Written in the 1920's, this is a favorite of the falsetto singing style. Copyright Johnny Noble, 1928. Translator unknown, Edited by Dr. Barbara Price