Home Kapaka - Milla Petersen & Maddy Lam

Hanohano `ia home a`o Kapaka
E kipa a`e e nâ pua a ke lehulehu
Ka nehe o ke kai lana mâlie
Ke `ala lîpoa e moani nei
A `ike ka nani o Kali`uwa`a
Ka beauty a`o Sacred Falls au u`i aloha
Ho`i au i ka home o nâ makua
Nanea e hau`oli me nâ hoaloha
Puana ku`u mele no Kapaka
E kipa a`e e nâ pua a ka lehulehu
Proud are we of our home, Kapaka
Where there is welcome for all 
The lapping of the sea is gentle
The fragrance of seaweed is in th air
Behold the splendor of Kali`uwa`a
The beauty of Sacred Falls, that I love 
I go to the home of my parents
To relax and be happy with loved ones
My song is a story for Kapaka
Where there is welcome for all


Source: Copyright Criterion Music Corp - Kapaka (the tobacco), a district near Hau`ula, Oahu, takes its name from the crop that was once grown there. Verse 3, Kali`uwa`a valley (the canoe bilge) is named for the huge grooves in the narrow end of the gorge also called wa`a, for they resemble the hollow of a canoe. Legend says, Kamapua`a, the pig god, was being pursued after robbing his mother's hen-roost. Scrambling up the mountainside, his hooves scored the cliffs as he made his escape.