Hu`i E - by Lydia Kekuewa & John Noble

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Hu`i e, hui koni
Hu`i koni la, hu`i koni la
Nei pu`u wai
He `iniki, he `iniki welawela la
He `iniki la, `he iniki la
A ke aloha
Eha au, me ka walania
Eha au me ka eha koni eha
Io no
Imo e, imo ko maka e
Imo ko maka, eha oila
Me ka eha koni
Oni e, oni ko kino e
Oni ko kino, ko nui kino la
He olu io no
Imua e, ku mâlie e
Ha`awi ke aloha me ka `eha koni
Pono kela (sure kela)
Ha`ina e, ana kapuana la
Ha`awi ke aloha me ka `eha koni
Sure kela

Ache, throbbing ache
Throbbing ache, throbbing ache
Here in the heart
Stings, a hot sting
Love stings
I have pain, the anguish
I have throbbing pain
So real
Wink, wink your eye
Wink your eye, wink and tease
With a throbbing ache
Move, move your body
Move your body, your big body
Soft and warm
Move forward, be gentle
Give love with a throbbing ache
Tell the refrain
Give love with a throbbing ache

Source: Noble's Hawaiian Hulas - Composed for Dolores Del Rio & Joel McCrea who starred in the movie Bird of Paradise, released in 1932. Translated by Kanani Mana. Music clip by Gippy Cooke