Hula Breeze - Harry Owens & George "Bucky" Henshaw

Whispering to me
From a tall coco tree
Comes a hula breeze
I hear the beat of the waves
On the shores
Of Waikîkî.

Softly through the air,
From a brown maiden fair
Comes a song to me
I hear the swish of her skirt
As she dances to Lili`u E
Noho nani mai
Soft Hawaiian guitars are playing,
As they have a big luau.
And the moon shines bright
With it's tropical light
As kane and wahine
Raise a wela ka hao
Whispering to me
From a tall coco tree,
Comes a hula breeze,
It makes me long to go back
To my little grass shack
Far away.


Source: Finneran Collection, Copyright Royal Publishing Co - George Herbert Bucky Henshaw, make August 20, 2003, age 85