Hula Glide - Words by Bob Lukens, Music by Johnny Noble

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Down in Honolulu
Beside the sea
A naughty strain
Is haunting me

Just a dreamy hula
That sweet refrain
Just makes me quiver
Shiver and shake
And then you do it again, oh
Sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh

That haunting hula glide
That creepy, sneaky slide
They dance it night and day
To drive the blues away
Sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh sh

If on a moonlight night
You get the hula notion
Just hold your feet down tight
And shiver like the ocean
Sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh sh-sh-sh

A maiden fair to see
She lives at Waikîkî
Just like the rippling tide
She does the hula glide


Source: Johnny Noble's Famous Hawaiian Melodies Copyright 1932 Miller Music Inc. Music clip by Isaac Akuna