I've Gone Native Now - Paul Page

First I went to a big luau
Kanes and wahines showed me how
Eating fish and poi, oh, what a joy
I’ve gone native now

Then I strolled down Waikîkî way
Where moonlight nights seem like day
Played my ukulele, oh so gaily
I’ve gone native now

I’ve learned to sing Hawaiian
Do the hula `ami too
Do it without any trying
What more could I do?

My little dance you will adore
‘Round the island to the floor
With a little wiggle here and a little wiggle there
I’ve gone native now

Now I live in a little grass shack
Wear a ti leaf skirt and a coconut hat
Eating on the floor, like days of yore
I've gone native now

I go surfing every day
Way outside, catch a big wave
Riding kahakai a`ole kapakahi
I've gone native now

Source: Written in 1936, the composer taught guitar and ukulele at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.