Ka `Opihi O Kanapou - Keali`i Reichel


I Kanapou ka i`a makaiäuli
Me he pai pu`u ala i ho`opuu `ia
Mai ka lae `o Hälona
A ka ihu o ka lae `o Kaule lä
`Ea lä `ea lä `eä
`O ka `opihi hälala lä eä
Hamohamo i ka pali hälala lä eä
Kolo i ka pöhaku hälala lä eä
Po`ipü `umi`umi hälala lä eä
`Ea lä `ea lä `eä
`O ka i`a ia i pokepoke `ia
E ka lëhia o ke kulu aumoe
Hinuhinu wale i ka lihi o ke kai
I ke kai oluhia o Kalapakea lä
`Ea lä `ea lä `eä
At Kanapou is the dark-fleshed limpet
Clustered like little hills
From Hälona point
All the way to the tip of Kaule point
Tra la la la
The giant limpet, oh
Rubs against the large cliff, oh
Crawls on the large rocks, oh
Covering up, enticing, large, oh
Tra la la la
It is the limpet that is scooped out
By the skilled fisherman of the midnight hours
Shining there at the sea's edge
The surging sea of Kalapakea
Tra la la la


Source: Keali`i Reichel CD "E O Mai" - Composed for the re-dedication of Kaho`olawe. This mele ho`oipoipo compares the opihi to parts of a lover's body. The skilled fisherman knows how to seek, harvest, eat and enjoy the delicacy