Kahealani (Call of Heaven) - by Alice Fredlund

Kahealani, sweet Hawaiian baby
Your dimpled smile
Lives all the while in paradise

Kahealani, daughter of Hawai`i
Your sweet embrace
Your baby face, I idolize

Kissed by the moonlight
And stars that shine at night
Hold me tight
While tradewinds sigh a lullabye, rockabye

Baby, baby Kahealani
The angels above will guide
My heavenly love

Na`u `oe e honi ma ku`u poli pumehana
Ho`ohihi `oe na`u `oe e lei e ku`u lei
Ku`u lei nani
Kou inoa aloha
Nâ ka leo o nâ lani
E mele i kou u`i e



You are mine to kiss and press to my warm bosom
You are mine to idolize, my lei, my child
My lovely child
Your name given with love
The heavenly voices
Sing your name on high

Source: Recorded by the Halekulani Girls on Twilight at Halekulani Album- Composed by Alice Fredlund for her baby girl