Lahela Ku`u Pôki`i (Rachel, My Little One) - Vicki I`i Rodrigues & Lovey Lui Conn

Ke ho`omana `o nei au nâ lâ piha hau`oli
Nâ kô ki`i i lawe mai ka `i`ini iâ `oe
E ho`i mai hau`oli hou kâua
He pua mau `oe no`u he mino`aka mau kou
Kou mau maka `ôlinolino `imo aku `imo mai
E like me nâ hôkû o ka lani
Puana nei ku`u mele iâ `oe ku`u pôki`i
No nâ lâ i piha hau`oli nâ lâ o ke aloha
He mele no Lahela ku`u pôki`i
I am contemplating the days filled with happiness
By the photos you brought along with your desire
Bringing much joy to us both
You are truly my child, with an everlasting smile
Your sparkling eyes, constantly twinkling
Much like the stars of the heavens
My song for you thus ends, little one
For the days filled with happiness and love
A song for Rachel, my little one


Source: Tony Conjugacion. - Years ago, Lovey Lui Conn, a famed singer and steel guitarist came to one of her mentors and close friend, Vicki I`i Rodrigues, with a collection of pictures she had of one of Aunty Vicki's daughters, Rachel Kânekolia Rodrigues, when she was a child. Together they sat and recollected the many happy times in Rachel's youth and how her sparkling eyes and infectious smile endeared her to all. Lovey expressed a desire to write a song for Rachel.  Collectively, they wrote this song, though Aunty Vicki wanted no credit for her part, as this was a practice she had been known for in her life. It has become a favorite hula standard of many over the years and those who are in the know will frequently sing it for Rachel when they see her.