Lanakila Kawaihau - by Mekia Kealaka'i


Ke lei nei ko lei nani
A ke onaona e hea mai nei
Walea ana i ka inu wai
A he `ai ha`aheo no Kawaihau

Ini i ka wai mapuna
Ha`aheo i ko lei lehua
A he leo no pupukanioe
Ua lanakila `o Kawaihau

Nohenonohea ia mau pua
A he kumu o ke `ala
A na`u ha ke onaona
I ho`okani ke kaula kia

You are wearing your lovely lei
(You are victorious)
And its fragrance entices me
(The esteem and excitement is overwhelming)
To relax and quench my thirst
For the winning tally favors Kawaihau

So drink of the spring waters
And be proud of your lei of lehua
(Proudly hold up your prize for all to see)
Our voices are like the sweet singing land shells
For Kawaihau is victorious

So fine are these flowers
And there is a source for the sweet fragrance
(And there are reasons for these accolades)
For it was I, "the charming one"
Who gave the resounding blow of the cord upon the pole
(Who led us to victory)
Source: - This song was composed to celebrate the political victory of Colonel Sam Parker and Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole. Prince Kuhio was elected Hawaii's delegate to Congress in 1902, and served until his death, at age 50. His keen wit and good humor made him popular with other legislators and he was described as sincere, enthusiastic and courageous. He introduced the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act in 1918 and the first Statehood Bill in 1919. He was instrumental in securing federal funds to establish an experimental hospital for the treatment of leprosy and obtained money for the development of Pearl Harbor. Thru his efforts, money was appropriated to improve the harbors of Honolulu, Hilo, Kahului and Nawiliwili and he was also credited with establishing the Hawaii National Park at Kilauea volcano

Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole