Lehua Pua Kea
- Bina Mossman

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Kaulana no `oe, lehua pua kea
Ua o ka home noho a nâ manu

A he manu ku`u hoa, noho mai i uka
E ho`oipo a na hoi mea no i pua

A he pua nani `oe, nani i lei
I hui ku`u ia me ke onaona

Auhea wale `oe, e ka manu le`ale`a
E ku`uipo ho`oheno o ka pô la`i

Ua lai hoi au, me ku`u aloha
I hoa ku`u wili no iâ uka

Ha`ina kô wehi, e ku`u lei
Ua kau kou nani i ke wêkiu


You are famous, white lehua blossom
Making your home with the birds

My feathered companion dwelling in the uplands
My sweetheart, my blossom,

You are a beautiful blossom, a beautiful lei
Fragrance that engulfs and subdues

Where are you, my joyful bird
Sweetheart to cherish in the peaceful nights

I am constant in my love for
My companion, bird of the uplands

Sing this song that honors my lei
Telling of beauty, unsurpassed


Source: G. Cooke Collection - the white and salmon colored lehua is not as comman as the red or yellow flower of the lehua tree. In ancient times, the tree was believed to be the manifestation of the god Kû. Translated by Kaiu Kanoa Music clip by Gippy Cooke