Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae (Precious Lei I Love) - Words & music by Charles E. King

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E ku`u lei (e ku`u lei)
Lei aloha na`u, lei makamae
Eia au, ke kali nei
Ho`i mai kâua, ho`i mai e pili (e pili)

Kou aloha ka`u (kou aloha ka`u)
E hi`ipoi nei (hi`i poi mau no)
Na kau a kau (na kau a kau)
Nou ho`okahi, na li`a a loko

Ahea la `oe, maliu mai
E ku`u lei (e ku`u lei)
Ho`i mai kaua e pili


Beloved one, beloved of mine
To me you're precious, I adore only you
Alone I wait, my heart is yearning
Come my love, abide with me

The nights are long
The days are gray
The sunshine of your smile, I miss
No other one can cheer and comfort me
Heed my prayer and return to me, fair one

Come to my arms
I know that you are true to me


Source: King's Blue Book, copyright 1934, 1943 by Charles E. King - This original Hawaiian Wedding Song was replaced by the more popular Ke Kali Nei Au. Music clip by Lani Lee