Lei Kukui (Hawaiian Anniversary Song) - Words and Music by Victor "Lanakila" Rittenband

Ha`awi nei au ia `oe he lei kukui
E ho`onani hou i ko kaua la i male ai
Na makahiki i hala
E ho`o mana`o mau
Hau`oli na eha, na pono, na weli
Hui `ia ana ia mau mea
Ke ha`awi nei au ia `oe he lei kukui
He nui na mea e ha`i aku ai
Kamana`o lana, ke ola, ka mahana
Ka lama na luhi
A me ke aloha pumehana mau
I'm giving you a kukui nut lei
To celebrate again our wedding day
The years we've left behind us
Always will remind us
The joys and tears, the hopes and fears
We faced them, come what may
So I'm giving you a kukui nut lei
It means so many things I want to say
It's hope and health and sharing
Warmth and light and caring
And all my love forever and a day


Source: Kokua Records, PO Box 8100, Honolulu, Hi. 96830 - Copyright 1971Victor Rittenband - This was a prize winning song in the Search of Songs contest in 1972. The composer came to Hawai`i from California in 1964. He and his wife, Nancy Gustafsson, a composer in her own right, performed for many years under the Ukulele Tree on the beach at the Reef Hotel