Li`a I Ke Aloha (Thinking of Thee) - Martha Maui

E aloha a`e ana no au
I ka nani o ka pua po`ina `ole
I puia ke `ala onaona
E `uhene nei i ka poli
Me `oe ke aloha pau `ole
A ku`u pu`uwai e li`a nei
He moani a`ala hu`ihu`i
Ke aloha o kâua

Li`a wau li`a i ke aloha
Ka hikina ana mai io`u nei
Me `oe aku no ia `upu e
Ke aloha e pili kaua

I am thinking as I am gazing
At those ever remembered flowers
Imbued with sweet fragrance
On your bosom gently raising
How I love thee without ceasing
Each heartbeat is a thought of thee
Mild our love is, soft and pleasing
Mine for thee and thine for me

Thinking I am thinking of love dear
And as I think, I long for thee
Long that beside me you were near
Come my lover, come with me

Source: Sonny Cunha's "Bergstrom Collection" - Translation from Bergstrom Collection