Little Kona Hat - Edna Farden Bekeart & Irmgard Farden `Âluli

Little Kona hat goes with this or that
Funny old pâpale for the skinny or fat
Wear it with a smile, real Hawaiian style
Trim it with hibiscus or a little grass shack
Malihini's fair, wear it with an air
All the kama`âina wear it everywhere
To a hukilau or a big lû`au
Wear this sassy Kona hat

Little Kona hat, cute for this or that
Even for relaxing on your lauhala mat
Where it everywhere, any isle afair
Ho`omalimali when there's never a care
Keiki love it too, even old tûtû

Wear it when they do the hula ku`i for you
When you're feeling gay and you're on your way
Wear this sassy Kona hat (right on the po`o)
Sassy little Kona hat

Edna Farden Bekeart
Source: Hailama Farden from "Kani ka pila! The musical legacy of Irmgard Keali`iwahinealohanohokahaopuamana Farden `Aluli."