Liliko`i - Kealoha Aona & Vicki I`I Rodrigues

He `ono lä a he `ono
He`ono liliko`i a he `ono
Mïnoinoi a he `ono
He `ono kuhinia ke moni
He `ono lä a he `ono
He `ono palu `a`ama a he `ono
Halelë (halelë) ke kai ke penu
He mikomiko a he `ono
He `ono lä a he `ono
He `ono `i`o wana a he `ono
He `ono ala pahu (alapoho) a he `ono
Pahe`e ka pu`u ke moni
He `ono lä a he `ono
Limu lipe`e a he `ono
Uliuli pahe`e a he `ono
He nani `ono lä a he `ono
Ha`ina ka puana a he `ono
He `ono liliko`i a he `ono
Ka puni ia a nä küpuna
A passion fruit flavor
Puckers you up delicious
A craving satiated by its richness when swallowed

An a`a`ma crab relish taste
The juices are slurped
When sopped up, salty and delicious
A flavor of sea urchin meat
Deliciousness to be gulped down
The throat left with a slippery taste when swallowed
A taste of limu lipe`e
Slippery, dark brown-red, delicious
A fine flavor
Tell the refrain, delicious
Delicious, a passion fruit flavor,
The favorite delicacies of the elders


Source: Vicki II Rodrigues Collection, Recorded by Tony Conjugacion on "O Ka Wä I Hala" CD