Lucky You Come Hawai`i - Bill Howe & Marji Houser

Lucky you come Hawai`i
To stroll along the sea
Lucky you come Hawai`i
And stumbled over me

I was lying there
In a rickety chair
With nothing at all to do
When you fell for me in Waikîkî
I started falling too

Ev'ryone loves Hawai`i
The isles of fish and poi
Ev'ryone knows Hawai`i
The place where girl meets boy
For it feels so grand
To lie in the sand
While the palm trees sway above
Lucky you come Hawai`i
Because it made us so lucky in love

Source: Sterling Mossman Decca Album "Happy In Hawai`i" - Criterion Music Corp. Copyright 1956-59, Renewal 1984