Mehameha - Lyrics by Rich Bibbs, Music by Peter Moon

Ua mehameha au
`A`ohe hoaloha
Ua nui nâ makahiki
A hele aku ho`i au
`I`ini au ia `oe e noho
`Ina `a`ole ua hiki no
E hi`ipoi mau no wau ia `oe
Aloha mau no wau ia `oe
E hele au ma ke kai
E luana me ka `ae kai
Ke one ho`i ua ho`olu mai
Holoi a`e i ku`u waimaka
Why am I alone
No friends
It`s been many years
And someday I`ll be gone
I wish you would stay
But if you can't, don`t
I`ll always caress you
I`ll always love you
I'll go by the sea
To pass the time with the tide
The sands comfort me
And wipe my tears away


Source: The composer, from Texas, express his love for Hawai`i. Hawaiian lyrics by Alice Namakelua