Moloka`i, The Friendly Isle - by Ivy Hanakahi Woo

Come and visit our friendly island
Where they greet you with a friendly smile
Dancing at the Seaside 'neath the moon so bright
Moloka`i, the friendly isle

We'd go swimming at Halawa falls
And fishing at Honouli Wai
Visit the pali and the coconut grove
Moloka`i, the friendly isle

Kama`âina's will tell you stories
Of our homestead and legends, too
Visit all the churches lining up in rows
Moloka`i, the friendly isle

When you leave us from homestead fields
Our aloha goes with you, too
Remember us and our island fair
Moloka`i, the friendly isle

Source: G. Cooke collection - Verse 1, stanza 3 - Seaside Inn is a popular night spot. Verse 2, stanza 3, Honouli Wai is a stream in Halawa Valley.