My Honolulu Tomboy - Words & music by Albert Sonny Cunha

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She is my dear little sweet little
Honolulu tomboy
She lives on fish and poi
Nui nui moe
Moe pehea `oe

She dresses fine most divine and
The malihinis say she's a beauty
O how she loves to dance
When in a trance
She'll take a chance

And when I take her along to the
Hotel annex for a canoe ride
Puts on her red mu`umu`u
A`ole huhu
Wela ka pûpû

And when I take her out
For an automobile ride in the moonlight
Sits on my lap all night
Holds on so tight
You bet she's right

Albert R. "Sonny" Cunha

Source: McKee Collection - Composed in 1905, by Albert R. "Sonny Cunha", the father of hapa-haole songs, this first big hit was dedicated to Dorothy K. Hurd. Recorded by Randy Oness "Lei of Stars" CD available from Music clip by Gippy Cooke