Na Hoa He`e Nalu - Words by Mary Puku`i, Music by Irmgard Aluli


Eu mai e na hoa e
Ho a`e ho`i i kahakai e
I laila no ka le`ale`a e
Ka puni ho`i a kakou e
Ku aku e hakilo e
I na kulana papa he`e nalu e
A `au aku i waho e
I na nalu o laila e
Malama i ka papa e
O kapeke ho`i a lilo e
Pa`a iho a pa`a pono e
I kou wa e `alu ai e
I ka nalu pu ki e
Ha`aheo ho`i kulana e
Mehe `iwa ke kikaha e
Ho`ola`ila`i iluna e
Ha`ina mai ka puana e
No na hoa le`ale`a e
Kikaha mai mehe `iwa e
A ho`i mai i ka `aina e
Get up friends
Let's go to the beach
To have fun
Doing our favorite thing
We'll stand and watch
The surf line
And travel out
To the surf there
Watch the board
Or it will slip and get lost
Hold on, hold tight
When you go out on the sea
On the high-shooting wave
Proud stance
Like a seabird gliding
Poised aloft
Tell the story
Of my companions in fun
Glidng like a seabird
And returnng to land


Source: Copyright Criteron Music Corp - This is a favorite kane hula