Poli Anuanu (Cold Breast) - Traditional

Aloha wale `oe
Poli anuanu
Ma`e`ele au
I ke anu ê
He anu e ka ua
He anu e ka wai
Lî `a ku`u `ili
I ke anu ê
Inâ paha
`O `oe a`o wau
Kâ i pûkuku`i
I ke anu ê

Hea aku no wau
Poli anuanu
E ô mai `oe
I ke anu ê

Cold breast
I am numbed and thrilled
In the cold

Rain is cold
Water is cold
My skin is chilled
In the cold

What of
You and me
In the cold

I call
To the cold breast
Answer me
The one in the cold

 Source: Hawaiian Music and Musicians by George Kanahele - Composed in the 1860's