Lei Poni Mô`î (Wreath of Carnation) - Words & music by W.J. Coelho

Mahalo au o ka nani
O ku`u lei poni mô`î
A`u i honi ho`omau
I ke `ala o ia pua
Pau `ole ko`u ho`ohihi
I ka pua`i `ala o ka hamu
ua noho wale i ka la`i
A he nohea ke `ike aku

Ke `ala ka i hiki mai
O ku`u lei poni mô`î
Noho `oe a mana`o mai
Ho`i mai kâua e pili

Eia i ane`i ko aloha
Ka liko pua o ka `ahihi
A`u i kui a lawa i ane`i
I hoapili no ke aloha
E ake ana au e `ike
I ke kumu o ke `ala
A he `ala kûpaoa
Hanu `ala i ka poli

I admire the beauty
Of my carnation lei
I smell continuously
The fragrance of that flower
Endless is my interest
In its delighful breath
It has dwelt in peace
Till it is lovely to behold

A fragrance comes forth
From my lei of carnations
When you think of me
Come and let us be together

Love for you is here
Like the buds of `ahihi
Which I strung into a lei
A tribute to love
|I am eager to discover
The source of the sweetness
An overpowering fragrance
That breathes forth in my bosom

Source: King's Hawaiian Melodies Copyright 1923, 43 Charles E. King Translation by Mary Pukui