July 1999 Vacation in the DC Area and Clauson/Larue Wedding Festivities

July 4-5, 1999
Mason Neck and Reston, VA

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Michelle, Ray and Semele
Michelle Clauson (SD85), Ray Rappold (Staph82) and Semele Halkedis (PA86)
Karen and Michelle
Karen Sabog (HI82) and Michelle Clauson (SD85)
Omar and Karen
Omar Ahmad (FL82) and Karen Sabog (HI82)
NYSC Alumni and Family
National Youth Science Camp Alumni and Family
Sherri and Faith
Sherri Helinski-Hastings (WI82) and her daughter Faith
Waving flags
Flag waving instead of rice throwing
Michelle and Semele
Michelle Clauson (SD85) and Semele Halkedis (PA86)
Richard and Catherine
Richard Wynne (KY82) and his wife Catherine Sweeney
Gregg and Michelle
Gregg and Michelle opening wedding gifts
Richard and Catherine
Michelle and her new in-laws
Julie and Neil
Julie Robinson (ID86) and her husband Neil Davidson (AL70)
Sydney and Ray
Ray Rappold (Staph82) with his two babies -- Sydney and the Porsche

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