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February 1998 Newsletter

Adler Fund

By David Hackleman

Since our last newsletter the Adler Fund, an endowment for the operation of the National Youth Science Camp, moved from $80,000 to over $103,000!! The largest single donation to date is $6238.00 (in the form of stocks) and the smallest is $5.00. Thanks to our fund manager, Stan Reynolds (AZ '73). We received 13% interest in 9 months on our investment, which is an annualized return of over 18%. You are most welcome to join the 200+ people who have donated to the Adler Fund.

Send contributions to:

National Youth Science Foundation
PO Box 3387
Charleston, WV 25333
Email: NYSF@ibm.net

NYSCAA Dues Renewal and Donation Form

Since this is the 35th anniversary (and West Virginia is the 35th state), why not donate $35 dollars or $35 dollars for every year since you've been at camp or $35(pi) or 3535 or... Seriously, if you have the means, join those of us who have pledged $1000 per year for 10 years. Of course, any amount you can afford will be appreciated.

I am going back to my "normal" job at Hewlett-Packard in March and wish to thank all the alumni and friends who have allowed me to stay in their homes. During the past year, over 300 prospects have been identified to help fund NYSF, fund-raising packages for anyone to use (just ask via NYSF@ibm.net) and a fund-raising plan for 1998 have been developed. John Giroir (LA89) will be continuing this work at the Foundation office in Charleston.

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