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February 1998 Newsletter

Newsbytes: Notes


  • Joe P. Case (OK63) is Dean of Financial Aid at Amherst College in Amherst, MA where he administers college financial aid and fellowships programs.

  • Robert D. Gillette (MS63) has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Rice and is an engineering advisor with Shell Oil Products in Houston where he performs installation and technical support of on-line optimization systems.

  • Tom Jones (TX63) is Professor of Astronomy at the University of Minnesota (where he did his PhD). Tom teaches and does research in astrophysics. His current interests are in computation hydrodynamics and cosmic-rays.

  • Thomas K. Riddering (MI64) is the Assistant Director of the Detroit Department of Public Works, where he is responsible for traffic engineering, highway design, building design & construction management for the City of Detroit, MI.

  • Ed Strassberger (MD64) lives in Billerica, MA with his wife Linda and their two children - Annette (21), Christopher (13). Ed is senior technical consultant for Cayenne Software where he does software development and works with data modeling tools.

  • Stephen B Swigert (MO66) has a JD from Harvard Law School and is a corporate attorney with Pratt & Whitney in Hartford, CT (whose parent company is United Technologies Corporation) He advises them about numerous legal issues, including business transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures.

  • Arjo Van Der Jagt (NY66), teaches in the Department of Philosophy & History at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Arjo holds a PhD in History & Literature from there and is a Professor of The History of Ideas. where he lectures and does research on the history of ideas; specializing in classical, medieval, renaissance.

  • John R. Barnes (MI67) is an advisory engineer with Lexmark International Design in Lexington, KY. He does design and development of adapters to connect printers to local area networks (LAN's). John has a heavy involvement in product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, electrostatic discharge, and robust designs.

  • Wes McQuown (IA67) is President of McQuown Consulting in St. Joseph, MO. His firm is involved in agronomy - primarily soil and crop consulting.

  • Steven E. Shields (GA67) is senior scientist with Hughes Aircraft in San Diego, CA. He is currently designing video systems for a new Navy Ship - the LPD-17. Steve married his MIT lab partner (Janet) in 1971, after both had graduated in physics. They moved west where he went on to complete his PhD in Physics from UC- San Diego while Janet went to work as a researcher at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

  • Leonard M. Rubin (RI68) is finance director of Esso Singapore Pte. Ltd. He manages the finance functions (treasurer's, tax, controller's, procurement, information systems, and planning) for affiliates of Exxon Corporation located in Singapore, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, & Korea.

  • Newell D. Taylor (UT68) holds the position of senior process engineer with ISP Chemicals Inc. near Paducah, KY. He is involved with process engineering of continuous organic chemical processes and hatch specialty chemical polymer processes.

  • Larry Washington (MA68) is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Princeton University.

  • Donald O. Nickey (OH69) has a law degree from University of Toledo, and is a partner in the firm of Standley & Gilcrest. Don does preparation and prosecution of patent applications, both domestic and foreign; he also performs legal consulting in intellectual property matters, litigation, contract negotiation, legal opinions.

  • Robert Edward Opaluch (RI69) holds a PhD in Psychology from UCLA, and just wrote from Boulder, CO to say he was now retired (but he didn't mention from what).


  • Charles W. Gaston, III (AL70) has retired from the U.S. Navy with the rank of Lt. Commander, and is living in Sylacauga, AL. During his military service, he was naval flight officer in 3 Pacific Fleet flying squadrons and on the headquarters staff in London & Washington, DC. He also served as air operations officer for Operation Deep Freeze - 3 annual expeditions to Antarctica.

  • Stephen B. Rimsa (MA70) is manager of technical development with Allied Signal of Morristown, NJ where he is involved with the development of advanced fabrication processes for the micro optic arrays used in lighting, telecommunications, and laptop computer applications.

  • John M. Zeigler (IN70) is president and head of consulting of Silchemy, an R&D firm in Rio Rancho, NM specializing in silicon-based advanced polymer materials. Silchemy also produces commercial scientific software for predicting solubility properties of materials or designing optimum solvent systems or formulations. In addition, John serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Piano Education Page. He holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the U of Illinois.

  • Thomas J. Landon (MS71) is manager of corporate equipment for Chicago Bridge & Iron. He manages their worldwide fleet of construction equipment, including procurement, utilization, scheduling, and disposal. He resides near Houston, TX with his wife Terri and two children - Scott and Jamie.

  • William L. Cor (WY72) is a senior Mechanical Engineer at Lockwood Greene Technologies in Los Alamos, NM. He performs mechanical and HVAC design for laboratory glove box facilities and nuclear material at Los Alamos National Labs; he also supervises design coordination and drafting.

  • David R. Cruickshank (WY72) recently completed his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the U of Colorado-Boulder, He is a staff engineer with Lockheed-Martin Astronautics in Boulder, where he works on astrodynamic analysis and algorithm development, satellite navigation and orbit determination and the computer implementation of astrodynamic algorithms.

  • Roger Dickinson (VT72) is vice president of Lamoureux, Stone, & O'Leary Consulting Engineers, Inc., which performs civil engineering consulting. Roger is responsible for overseeing all transportation and environmental engineering services. The company is located in Essex Jct., VT - home of a major IBM plant.

  • Russell E. Kremer (NE72) is manager of product engineering for Crysteco, Inc. in Wilmington, OH. Crysteco produces silicon wafers and Russ is the technical interface between sales, marketing, and manufacturing, where he makes sure the products are made and priced appropriately. He has also climbed 13 of Colorado's 14'ers (the 14 mountains above 14,000 feet). Russ holds a PhD in Physics from Purdue University.

  • Bruce A. Stanton (AK72) teaches chemistry at Washougal High School in Washougal, Washington (where he and his wife Katharome reside).

  • Jerry Gilbert (MS73) has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University and is Chairman of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. In addition to teaching, he manages the research, teaching and extension programs; his research specialty is in the area of biomechanics.

  • Anthony A. Grace (PA73) is a professor in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh. He earned his PhD in Pharmacology from Yale University and now teaches in the fields of neuroscience and Psychiatry. His current research involves basic neurophysiology approaches to psychiatric disorders, with an emphasis on schizophrenia.

  • Michael I. Grant (RI73) resides in Scarsdale, NY with his wife Joan and their son Steven (7). He is a marketing and database consultant with his own company - Michael I Grant & Associates, and works with the direct marketing and catalog industries.

  • William L. Holstein (DE73) is a member of the technical staff for the Dupont Corporation at their experimental station in Wilmington, DE where he does materials research. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University.

  • Clifford J. Lau (OH73) is group leader of the Adhesive & Sealant Lab of Bayer Inc. in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada where he is responsible for directing research and development activities at the lab which works with polyurethane, rubber adhesive, and sealants. Clifford obtained a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Ohio State University and presently resides in Fort Gratiot, MI.

  • Jeffrey K. Marchal (IN73) resides in North Palm Beach, FL where he is a project engineer for Pratt & Whitney, working on the integration of rocket propulsion systems into space vehicles and also rocket control system development.

  • Martin L. Marchese (CT73) is vice president of the Bank of New York Financial Corporation, performing asset-based lending & factoring. He resides in Greenwich, CT.

  • Stanley D. Reynolds (AZ73) is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and owner of American Financial Advisors Inc. in Phoenix, AZ, where he provides investment management as well as estate planning, risk management, and tax planning consulting.

  • Thomas H. Evans (GA74) is president of T.H. Evans Enterprises, Inc. in Athens, GA.

  • David J. Groisser (NY74) earned his PhD in Physics from Harvard, and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

  • James W. Burns (GA75) is the sanitary district engineer for the Department of Public Works in Talbot County, MD. Jim is responsible for the operation and maintenance of two wastewater plants and more than 30 miles of collection system. He and his family reside in St. Michael's on the Delmarva Peninsula.

  • Joey Howell (NC75) is a record producer and recording artist with Howling Sounds Studio in Siler City, NC. You 1975 alums may remember Joey's talent with both acoustic and classical guitar; now (along with his wife Lisa), he writes music, plays concerts, and makes records.

  • Ray E. New, Jr. (MS75) is an instructor at Millsaps Vocational Center in Starkville, MS where he "exposes students to various areas of technology from biomedical to lasers to robotics. I teach a hands-on course where students spend time on each area - performing various tasks and activities related to the technology."

  • Lodie K. Schlegel (OK75) recently retired from the U.S. Navy after 22 years on active duty, where he was primarily involved with communications, radars, and weapons systems. Lodie now resides in Lakeside, CA and is getting ready to start a second career, most likely in computers and GIS - geographic information systems.

  • Don Vendetti (CO75) lives in Kirkland, WA, where he is director of product development for AT&T Wireless in Bellevue. Don works on the definition, implementation, and introduction of new products and services for the paging division of AT&T.

  • Talis J. Colberg (AK76) and his wife Krystyna reside in Palmer, AK where he is a self-employed attorney and an adjunct history professor at Mantanuska Community College. Talis obtained his law degree at Pepperdine University, and prides himself on "serving as a diversionary target for public disgust that might otherwise be directed towards politicians and used car salesmen."

  • Scott E. Horton (FL76) is operations manager for Esteromar S.A. where he runs a 400 acre marine shrimp farm in Guatemala. The farm produces 1.3 million pounds of shrimp per year for export to USA and Europe.

  • Robert D. Nabow (NC76) is a senior process engineer with Milliken and Company in Spartanburg, SC. He designs and develops process control systems for in-house automation products.

  • Gregory S. Sergienko (WA76) was recently a Visiting Associate Professor at the U of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore, where he taught business associations and property. He will be moving in January, 1998 to a similar position at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Obtaining his JD at Harvard, his main area of interest is how business relationships can be structured to be mutually beneficial to contracting parties despite different contributions and aptitudes.

  • Paul Susca (CT76) is an environmentalist with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services in Concord, NH, where he is involved in outreach, education, and technical assistance regarding protection of ground water and public drinking water sources.

  • Keith Van Sickle (CA76) and his family currently live in Switzerland, where he is director general of Silicon Graphics. Keith is primarily involved in site management for a European manufacturing and technology center and does process re-engineering for Europe.

  • Brenda J. Baldwin (MS77) lives in Cary, NC where she is regional sales manager for Chiral Technologies. She manages sales and marketing for both the southeast and northeast regions of the U.S.

  • Richard Beigel (CT78) is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. Richard has been married since August of 1995 to the former Sara Kaplan (a high school teacher), and they reside in Allentown.

  • Linda Boone Weiss (SC78, Staph 84-85) is the practice manager of the Animal Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, FL, where she specializes in small animals, does staff education and training, protocol design, and ordering. She received her DVM from the U. of Georgia, and has been married to Donald Gary Weiss since May of 1991.

  • Allen S. Cohn (IL78) is director of marketing for Speech Machines, a small startup company in San Francisco, CA which offers computerized speech recognition for transcription.

  • Jon S. Mewes (MT78) is owner and vice-president of WaferNet in San Jose, CA. WaferNet sells silicon wafers to the semiconductor industry. Jon and his wife Danielle currently live in Palo Alto.


  • Cathy E. Hollen (OK80) is a pharmacist/ consultant with Eli Lilly & Company who works out of Oklahoma City, OK. Cathy is also a board member of the Oklahoma Health Care Authority's Drug Utilization Review Board.

  • Darrell A. Hovde (ND80) is the space resource manager for the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, CA. Darrell establishes the allocation of facilities to meet the changing requirements of this large R&D complex; he is also responsible for prioritizing various repair projects for the facilities.

  • John A. Morris (MO80) is the software project leader for Thomson Financial Services in Boston, MA. He is responsible for designing and implementing the financial services software sold by Thomson. These responsibilities also include database design, GUI interfaces, and client/server development.

  • Anita L Riddle Schmidt (AZ80, Staph 81) is production superintendent at Mobil Oil's Beaumont, TX refinery where she safely implements the refinery strategy on 36 process units, 2 power plants, a water treatment lab, and truck, rail, pipeline, river transportation. She supervises 30 lead process and maintenance supervisors along with 110 operators and technicians. The refinery's daily capacity is 315,000 barrels of crude plus 70,000 barrels of natural gas. Anita also recently completed her doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Lamar University , and has been married for two years to Steven P. Schmidt.

  • Darcy Butler Bellusci (MT81) is a senior systems engineer with Quinton Instrument Co. in Bothwell, WA, where she designs medical instrumentation such ECG's, cath labs, and exercise stress testers. Darcy is currently designing an open-systems medical information system for Windows NT. She and her husband Mark live in Redmond.

  • Lisa Loesch Cotter (NV81) is a brands manager at Hershey Foods Corporation in Hershey, PA. Lisa currently manages four brands in the pasta and grocery divisions, handling advertising promotions and other marketing.

  • Janice Veron Homan (MD81) has a veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and in 1995, Janice and her husband John purchased a small animal and clinical practice along Route 7 and Georgetown Pike in Great Falls, VA They are both working very hard to turn it (the Seneca Hill Animal Hospital) into a success. A certain long-time NYSC stapher highly recommends this clinic if you live in the area (and have a pet). Janice and John make their home in nearby Ashburn, VA.

  • Dave Ward (AZ81) recently accepted a position as a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA; he works in computational plasma physics research. Dave obtained his PhD in Plasma Physics from Princeton.

  • Omar Ahmad (FL 82) has changed jobs again, he is now the WebMaster for Netscape Communications Corporation in Mountain View, CA (Way to go Omar!). Omar also recently served on the NYSCAA Steering Committee (92-94); as one of the three coordinators of 1993's NYSC 30th anniversary reunion; and on the board of the NYSCAA (94-96). He remains involved in the activities of the NYSCAA -- and never misses an annual meeting/reunion.


  • Kelly Kaspzyk Stice (CO92) was wed to Ryan Stice November 23, 1996 after completing her degrees in Biology & Psychology at the University of Colorado. Ryan is a pharmacist, and the couple resides in Denver.

  • Janice Lee (PA92, Staph 96) is currently at MIT pursuing a PhD in Biology. After finishing a triple major in Biology, Chemistry, and French at Washington & Jefferson College - she was awarded a Fulbright Grant to study in France from late fall of 1996 to May of 1997. While in France she did research on drug-resistant pathogens at the Pasteru Institute in Paris.

  • Jacob T Richardson (AL92) is now a chemical process engineer for IMC-Agrico, a chemical manufacturer in Baton Rouge, LA. He completed his degree from LSU in Chemical Engineering and remarks "I get paid well to be involved with math, science, and engineering on a daily basis. I love it!"

  • Richard G. Smith (NM92) - after completing his degree in Botany at the U of New Mexico, Richard is serving a hitch in the Peace Corps as a science and social studies teacher in Papua New Guinea (in the South Pacific).

  • Phil Steinmetz (MO92) completed Electrical Engineering and Physics degrees at the U of Missouri - Rolla in 1996 and is now pursuing an MS/PhD in Optical Science and Engineering through the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers at the University of Central Florida.

  • Erin Vining (ND92) is undertaking a PhD in Plant Biology at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ after completing her undergraduate major in Biological Sciences at North Dakota State University.

  • Kristen Graesser (CO93, Staph 94) is teaching Spanish and Math at the Stratton Mountain School in Vermont until she enters medical school. Kristen completed her BS in Science at Bowdoin College in Maine this past May.

  • Amy Lynn Hancock (UT93) recently completed her degree in Theraputic Recreation at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, while John Honey (AR93) is currently putting the finishing touches on a double major in Psychology and Biology from Quachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, AR.

  • Mark Alan Johnson (MN93) is now working on his PhD at MIT in Chemical Engineering after completing his BS in Chemistry at the University of Minnesota.

  • Barbara Kumpf (VA93, Staph 94-96) is working for Hewlett-Packard Corporation in San Diego, CA after finishing her Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Massachusetts.

  • Yen Lin Loh (NC93) finished her undergrad degree at Duke with a double major in Biology and Chinese. She is currently an IRTA Fellow - doing a PreDoc at the National Cancer Institute.

  • Mindi Robinson (ID93) completed her degree in Biology at University of Utah in May and is currently with the AmeriCorps Program at the University of Richmond, working with faculty and students to support and further develop their curricular service-learning program. She will be attending graduate school in the near future.

  • Lisa Streyffeler (IA93) finished her a double major in Language / Literature at Harvard - Radcliffe this year and is now pursuing her PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Iowa.

  • Daniel S. Cohan (TX94, Staph 95-97) will complete his BS in Applied Math / Atmospheric Science from Harvard this May. He has served on the Staph of the NYSC since 1995. He worked in public information for two years and in 1997 he served as a Unit Leader. He also managed to fit in some time in 1997 as a summer intern working for Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management.

  • David Crowley (UT94) completed his two-year LDS mission in March and is now back at Harvard pursuing his BS in Chemistry.

  • Dawn E. Pribyl (CO94) In May of 1998 Dawn will complete her BS in Mathematics & Computer Science at the Northern Colorado School of Mines. She is also currently a student intern with Lucent Technologies where she designs & manages a Microsoft Access database to record project development information.

  • Brian H. Shirts (UT95) Brian is now San Salvador, El Salvador until August of 1998 Missionary Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While in El Salvador he will "Preach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, baptize converts and help others obtain spiritual and temporal salvation." Until he left on his two-year mission Brian had been attending the University of Utah.

  • Michael Ryan Byrd (UT96) will be serving a two-year mission in Geneva, Switzerland teaching French for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Another missionary is Christian T. Palmer (HI96) who is currently in Sao Paulo Brasil until February of 1999 performing his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Until his mission began he had been attending Brigham Young University - Hawaii.

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