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NYSC Alumni Association
February 1998 Newsletter

NYSCAA 35th Anniversary Reunion
Pre-Registration Form

July 3-5, 1998
Snowshoe Resort (near Cass Scenic Railroad), West Virginia

Print out and enclose this form with your fees and/or donations.

Camper State
& Year:
Staph Year(s):
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Web Site:

Yes, I would love to participate in the Reunion. I will be arriving on ____________________

I'll be bringing the following guests: __________________________________________________
I have included a check for $_________ for pre-registration fees for myself and my guests. Make checks payable to: "NYSCAA"
Pre-registration fees are:
  • $25 for NYSCAA members (please respond before March 15)
  • $15 per person for guests

Hotel reservations: Details will be provided on the registration form to be included in the next newsletter.

We are requesting you pre-register so we can determine the costs for the meals and outings as identified in the reunion announcement. Should you determine the final registration cost is too high, all your pre-registration fees will be refunded to you.

I'd like to be matched up with roommates. (This results in $15/night room accommodations)
I am interested in ride sharing from (location) ____________________
I can supply rides for ___ people from (location) ____________________ on (date) ____________________
Sorry, I can't attend, but I wanted to give you:
___   My new address, phone, etc.
___   A contribution for the reunion
I'd like to contribute $_______ to help defray costs of the reunion. This money will be used for expenses, including registration for students who may not be able to afford it.

Email NYSCAlumni@aol.com or
call David Hackleman at(541)745-7121

NYSCAA Dues Renewal and Donation Form

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