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May 1998 Newsletter

NYSC Electronic Resources

Where can you file a new bioupdate? Obtain information about reunions and get-togethers? Order a sweatshirt to replace your NYSC "threads" from 1975? NOW there is a place where you can go:

New domain name and URL: http://www.nyscaa.com

  • Reunion Information
  • Online Biographical Update Form
  • Links to NYSC & NYSF pages, Delegate-Year pages
  • The Rhododendron Song
  • Coming Soon: CAMP STORE PAGE -- replace your old T-shirts, sweatshirts, and see new stuff!

Check it Out!!!

Also !

Would you like to receive periodic information about local/regional get-togethers, mini-reunions, etc., or "Official" news and announcements from the NYSCAA and NYSC, then send an email request to nyscalumni@aol.com and you will placed on this email list. (We promise to keep the number of messages to less than two per month!)

Want to update your biographical information or tell us some news (address, educational & job information, honors, marriage, births)? Want to know where some of your fellow delegates/staph are, and what they are doing? Well, you don't have to be World Wide Web literate and use the bioupdate form at the Web site -- just email us with your updated information or requests for information directly to: nyscaabio@aol.com (If you don't even use e-mail, you can still contact us at our "snail-mail" address:

NYSC Alumni Association
PO Box 2811
Charleston, WV 25330-2811

HELP: The NYSCAA chat list is still looking for a new home. Anyone interested in sponsoring this mailing list?

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