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May 1998 Newsletter

1997-98 Financial Report

For the period October 1, 1997 through March 26, 1998:

The current balance in the NYSCAA main account is $8,524.58. Since October 1st a total of $3,064 has been deposited in our account for alumni dues, reunion expenses, and general contributions to the NYSCAA, the National Youth Science Foundation (NYSF), and the Adler Fund. The account has also accrued $28.87 of interest during this period.

Disbursements during the period have included:

  • $1,682 to the National Youth Science Foundation for NYSF and Adler Fund contributions channeled through the NYSCAA

  • $60.00 for partial reimbursement of travel and reunion expenses associated with the Summer 1997 reunion in San Antonio, Texas

  • $2,224.85 for expenses associated with the production of one newsletter to date, including but not limited to printing, photocopying, postage, software, tabs and labeling, and address correction cards from the USPS.

  • $100 to the Snowshoe Mountain Resort as a deposit for the 1998 summer reunion in West Virginia

In 1997, $4,073.76 from a reserve account was transferred into the main NYSCAA account. These funds will shortly be transferred to a separate money market account, reducing the balance in the main account to approximately $4,450. Production costs for this newsletter are estimated at $2,050, which will leave a balance of $2,400. This amount is adequate for the general capital needs of the organization, including the expenses for a fall newsletter and some minor expenses associated with the summer reunion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Wynne
Treasurer - NYSCAA

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