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May 1998 Newsletter

Newsbytes: Births


  • Kathy Hoy Burgess (CT79, Staph 80, Director 91-92) and her husband Jeff Burgess were blessed with twins on March 19, 1998 -- Isabel Hope (at 8:08 a.m.) and Jack Lloyd (at 8:09 a.m.). They are also the parents of Ellie (3) and Meredith (2). Kathy and Jeff recently moved back to Tucson, AZ after spending several years in Seattle.


  • Sophia Miron (NJ82) and Jawxillion Loeb added a baby boy -- Gavriel Rachamim (Gavri) -- to their family on February 11, 1998. Their first offspring -- Eliezer Yaacov (Elie) -- recently turned 3.

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