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May 1998 Newsletter

Newsbytes: Notes


  • Linda Boone (SC78 Staph 84-85) (NOT Boone-Weiss) is now happily divorced and is the practice manager of the Animal Wellness Center in Royal Palm Beach, FL, where she specializes in small animals, does staff education and training, protocol design, and ordering. She received her DVM from the U. of Georgia

  • Maureen Rezendes (MA79) is a Psychologist with Brigewater Goddard Park Medical Associates in Brockton, MA -- where she specializes in psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families. Maureen also has a private practice in Cambridge, MA and teaches courses in Harvard's evening program. She obtained her PhD in Psychology from Harvard in 1993.

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  • Domenic Zamubto (MA81) graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1989, completed a residency in Radiology and a Fellowship in Interventional Radiology, and is now in private practice with L&M Radiology - which serves Melrose-Wakefield and Lawrence General Hospitals in Massachusetts. Domenic has been married (to Grace) since April of 1990, and has two children - Samantha (4) and David (2).

  • Craig Thulin (UT82) is currently teaching in Chemistry/Biochemistry at Univ. of Utah in Provo. He received his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Washington and did a Post Doc at Brigham Young. His wife Shauna and he have two children -- Sarah (5) and Anna Maureen (3).

  • Karen Till (CA82) received the J. Warren Nystrom Dissertation Award in Geography (for the best presentation based on a recent dissertation) at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers. Her dissertation topic was "Place and the Politics of Memory: A Geo-Ethnography of Museums and Memorials in Berlin.  Karen is presently an Assistant Professor of Geography at LSU.

  • Diane Elizabeth Frank (MN84) obtained her PhD in Biochemistry at the Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison and is currently completing a Post Doc in Physiology & Biophysics at the University of Washington. Her area of research is the mechanics of motor proteins (muscle (myosin) cytoplasmic moters).

  • Stacy R. Heuer (IN84) is a Senior Engineer with the Mead Johnson Nutritional Group of Bristol-Myers Squibb in Evansville, IN. She primarily evaluates and qualifies the packaging for infant formulas and nutritional products.

  • Maria Stella Marquez Ng (DE84) is Supervisor of Circulation Management at Quill Corporation in Lincolnshire, IL. She is responsible for managing and developing the circulation strategy for the company's direct marketing and telemarketing efforts.

  • Kevin S. Reuther (ND84) is an attorney with the Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis - where he primarily works on enforcing housing discrimination laws - improving housing choice and opportunities for the poor and minorities. Kevin obtained his MA in Political Science in 1990 from the Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, and his JD from Harvard Law School in 1996.

  • Mandy Woodward (CO84) is pursuing her PhD in Architecture at the University of Colorado - Denver (class of 2000). She is also a self-employed designer and works with children to help them realize ways they can positively impact their environments.

  • Cyrus Bharucha (FL85) completed his PhD in Physics at the University of Texas - Austin in 1997, at the time he had plans to pursue PostDoc work.

  • Missy Edwards (AK85) obtained her DVM at the Veterinary school of Colorado State University, and is currently a Senior Associate Veterinarian at the Southeast Alaska Veterinary Clinic in Juneau. The practice has five vets who providing full-service medical, surgical, and dental care in a general practicing setting of small and exotic animals.

  • Adam L. Hartman (IL85) is currently a Staff Pediatrician with the US Navy at the Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, JAPAN. He obtained his MD at Northwestern and did a Pediatrics Fellowship at NIH in Bethesda, MD (where he worked under Major Mack Hinson - TN81), before accepting his current assignment.

  • Christina G. Minden (AR85) is Director of Pharmacy Services at Health South Rehab Hospital, where she is responsible for all clinical activities regarding drug therapy; distribution systems; QA & performance improvement; drug product selection; formulae & inventory control; education/in service for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, & patients. She obtained her pharmacy degree from the University of Arkansas.

  • Michael C. Vincent (CO85) is a self-employed consultant who works primarily on environmental oil & gas projects - primarily environmental reclamation. Michael had spent 6 years in Alaska as a petroleum engineer, and another 2 years in Colorado reclaiming historic mining sites until starting his business. He also says, "I keep trying to turn my woodworking hobby into a sideline business but can't find the time".

  • Alyson Gabbard Wilson (WV85) obtained her PhD in Statistics from Duke University and is currently a Statistician with Cowboy Programming Resources in El Paso, TX. She is involved in designing and conducting evaluations of Army air defense artillery systems.

  • Cindy Goldstein (VA86, Staph 90-91) obtained her MD at the Univ. of Virginia in 1995 and is currently completing her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base in California. She is Captain in the USAF as payment for medical school scholarships and works long hours delivering babies, perform hysterectomies, and taking care of hospital patients.

  • Terri A. Jones (MD86) is an Assistant County Attorney in Carroll County, Maryland where she represents the Carroll County Dept. of Social Services in Child in Need of Assistance cases (child abuse and neglect), and in local government issues. Terri completed her JD degree at the University of Vermont.

  • Sam Richman (NM86) is a Research Fellow for BIPM in Sevres Cedex, France - where he has a 2-year Post Doc performing an experiment at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. Sam obtained his PhD in Physics University of Colorado at Boulder.

  • Norman Ho (TX87) has been a Product Design Engineer at Ford Motor Company since 1992. He is currently responsible for the accelerator controls system in all Ford Explorer programs. Norman obtained both his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering at MIT.

  • Paul M. Miller (WY87, Staph 88-91, 94-98) is now living in Morgantown, WV while he commutes to his job as a Physics Teacher at North Garrett High School in nearby Maryland. Also, Paul is currently serving his 2nd year as the Director of the National Youth Science Camp, and -- Paul is also completing his last year of a 3-year rotation as NYSCAA President.

  • Sheila Schmidt Stevens (IA87, Staph 89-90) completed her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford this spring, and is now employed as a senior research lens designer with Bausch & Lomb Inc. in Stanford, CA.

  • James W Armacost, Jr. (TN88) will complete his MS in Biology at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS this coming June.

  • Gary A. Buffington (NM88) completed his MS in Management Information Systems at Texas A & M University in 1996, and is now employed as a consultant with Ernst & Young LLP in Houston, TX.

  • Kevin M. Casey (FL88) and his wife Linda live in Orlando, FL, where he is a senior auditor with Ernst & Young LLP. Kevin supervises and coordinates the audits of multi-national high-tech companies.

  • Krista L. Dobbins (ME88) completed her BS in Geology at the U. of Southern Maine in 1993 and is now completing a BS in Computer Assisted Design and Drafting at the New Hampshire Technical Institute. Krista's brother Kirt Dobbins (ME92) is now an Environmental Consultant after obtaining a Hydrogeology degree at the New Hampshire Technical Institute.

  • Sedric P Waguespack, III (MO88) obtained his BS in Physics at Southwest Missouri State U. and is due to complete his second degree next May from Southwest in Computer Information Systems.

  • Patricia M Welch (PA88) finished her BA in Biology from Oberlin College in 1992, went on to earn an MA in Social Administration at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences of Case Western Reserve in 1996, and is currently pursuing her PhD at Washington University - St. Louis's School of Social Work with concentrations in developmental disabilities; leadership; organizational management; and international social work.

  • Jennifer Lynn Collins (MD89) is employed in telecommunications systems integration with Andersen Consulting in Washington, DC. (Andersen is a management and technology consulting firm.)

  • Suzanne Connolly (OH89) is a Project Manager with Six Sigma GE Lighting - where she works to Improve processes using Six Sigma methodology to reduce costs and decrease DPMO for lighting projects.

  • John Giroir (LA89, Staph 90-95) recently (12/21/97) graduated from West Virginia State College in Charleston, and will be continuing as a full time employee of the National Youth Science Foundation - the parent organization of the NYSC. John has been working part time for the NYSF, but will now fill the position of Director of Development - responsible for managing the office and for doing fund-raising.

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  • Marc C. Burris (DE90) is a Computer Programmer/Analyst with CAI in Wilmington, DE. He completed his BS in Computer Science at the University of Delaware in 1994.

  • Cecily Chen (MD90) completed her BS in Civil Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University in 1994 and is now a Plan Reviewer with the St. Louis County Dept. of Public Works, where she reviews structural plans and issues building permits; she also works on enforcing building codes and local ordinances.

  • Heather Margaret Foster (OR90) is currently a Teaching Asst. / Grad Asst. at the University of Washington while she pursues her PhD in Chemistry. She already holds a BS in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College, and an MS in Chemistry from the University of Washington.

  • Simon Solotko (OH90, Staph 91-93) completed his BA in Sociology from the University of Chicago in 1994 and moved to Dallas, TX where he completed his MS in Finance in 1996. He has recently accepted employment (after he received his security clearance) with Raytheon Corporation in Dallas.

  • Chad Whitten (MS90) is Departmental Chair and Math Teacher at Raymond High School in Hinds County, MS. He is also the Technology Advisor, and does counseling. Chad obtained his BS in Math Education from Mississippi State University and his MS in Math from Mississippi College.

  • Amy Dahlberg (MA91) is an Editor for Cell Press, where she edits manuscripts for the Cell journal; working with authors affiliated with universities and research institutions throughout the world. She also handles Cell's reprint business.

  • Becky Frank (VT91) is a Research Associate with Dove Associates, Inc. in San Francisco. Dove is a management & strategy consulting company specializing in the food and beverage industry.

  • Carrie Ham (IL91) is a Senior Engineer for Boeing in St. Louis where she works as a material & process specialist on F/A - 18 Hornet. Carrie obtained her BS in Aerospace Engineering from St. Louis University and an MS degree in Engineering & Policy at Washington University - St. Louis.

  • Nolan S. Love (NH91) obtained his BS in Biomedical Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University in 1995, and since 1997 has been serving as a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Conraky, in Guinea, West Africa. He will complete his assignment in October 1999.

  • Josh Sheldon (PA91, Staph 96) is a graduate student at Stanford majoring in Learning Design and Technology. Until recently, he has been teaching physics, physical science, and computers (while also coaching soccer and tennis) at Cape Cod Academy. Josh completed both a BS in Physics and one in Math at Penn State in 1995.

  • Chris Taylor (WV91, Staph 92-95) has served in several capacities with Trilogy Corporation in Austin, Texas since 1995. Chris completed his degrees in Computer Science / Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Rachael Burt Edgley (UT92) graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah - and is currently between jobs.

  • Kirt Dobbins (ME92), brother of Krista Dobbins (ME88), is now an Environmental Consultant after obtaining a Hydrogeology degree at the New Hampshire Technical Institute.

  • Steve DuBois (RI92) completed BA's in Chemistry and Psychobiology at Swarthmore College, and is currently in medical school at the University of California - San Francisco.

  • Kirby Lee (IN93, Staph 94,97) is employed as a Manufacturing Process Engineer with Eli Lilly & Co. in Indianapolis, IN. Kirby is responsible for the processes that produce injectible pharmaceutical drugs.

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