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May 1998 Newsletter

The Cover of the Newsletter

The Address Label

Ever wonder what the little numbers mean on the top of your mailing label?

  1. The barcode at the top of the label will save us money on the next newsletter - because our address-list will be "certified" by the U.S. Postal Service; making us eligible for at least a six-cent discount on each newsletter we send.

  2. The next line on the label has several fields, the first one says "Last Update" and is the last time we updated your address. The next field: "Dues Expire" is one year from the date you last paid your dues. This field is included to let you know when you may pay your Voluntary dues again. Finally, the "Last Bioupdate" field is the last time we received updated biographical information (not just an updated address). (Remember, you can currently file a bioupdate via email, snail mail, fax, or our Web site. And the next printed bioupdate form will be included in the first newsletter of 1999.)

  3. The next lines on your label are your name, up to two address lines, and your city, state, 5 or 9 digit zip code. Some addresses also include a c/o line (if your newsletter is being sent to parent's rather than your current address).

"Address Service Requested"

This important new designation is printed just below the NYSCAA return address. This designation (since July 1, 1997) causes the mailing to be forwarded for a year to a new address, returned to NYSCAA with the new address attached for another half-year. In addition, during the year the mailing is forwarded, we also receive a separate notice of the new address for a $0.50 correction fee. (Although these correction fees added up to almost $45.00 after the last mailing, we will now know when you have changed addresses, regardless of whether you inform us of this or not.)

A Request

Because of new nationwide Emergency 911 requirements, all addresses which currently are listed as "Rte ##, Box ##" will eventually be given a name, and the postal service will no longer deliver to the old listing. Please send us any changes to your address, so we don't have to spend an inordinate amount of time tracking you down (this takes time away from other important tasks our database volunteers need to work on).

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