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May 1998 Newsletter

Reunion '98 Accomodations

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We are getting a pretty good deal from the lodge, and they have promised that first of all, the food has improved, secondly, the services on the top of the hill have dramatically increased and lastly, we can be grouped in a set of rooms in the lodge. To this end, we have reserved a block of rooms. These rooms will be available exclusively if we reserve them prior to June 10th (and maybe a few days more).

Each suite contains a kitchenette and laundry, with cooking and eating utensils and linens provided. You may wish to use the ample refrigerator to store "essential nutrients" not included in the meal plan. The kitchens will accommodate about 8 people comfortably. They even have dishwashers! There are also TVs and VCRs and in-room phones. Half the rooms have views of what is a ski slope in the winter. The other rooms have a view off the other side of the hill, as the lodge is nearly at the summit. The suites are either 1- or 2-bedroom units. Each contains a kitchen, living room, and bathroom (2 for the 2-bedroom units). Washers and dryers are included; however, don't even think of putting your caving clothes in them unless you first wash them out a bit! Costs include taxes.


  1. Cheapest accommodations in the lodge: This involves six people sharing a 2-bedroom unit. Two people will sleep in each of two bedrooms and the other two on the couch in the living room. Note: We cannot promise twin beds. Washcloth, soap and towel are supplied for six. Cost: $16.35/night each. We have a volunteer that will assemble groups of six and then call one of the individuals in as the room owner. Note: room owners are responsible for everything in the room and as a consequence, will be staked over an anthill in the desert sun if something happens to the room. (We always wanted to say that, yet since we have about 20% lawyers in our ranks, we believe we won't tell you who said it.)

  2. Next cheapest accommodations: Four folks sharing a one-bedroom unit: $19.62/night.

  3. Rent the whole 1-bedroom unit for yourself (or yourselves): $78.48/night, Maximum occupancy is 4 nominally adult-height individuals. This means that in the event you have children, if they can stand to sleep >2 in a bed, then you are permitted to add a few as long as the total linear dimension of humanity, if laid end-to-end does not exceed 8 meters.

  4. Rent a whole 2-bedroom unit for yourself and your either {incompatible children}, {incompatible significant other(s)}, or {close, but not that close friends}. Up to 6 nominally adult-height human units. (No Unix programmer jokes, please.) The estimated maximum linear dimension is 6/4 of that for the one-bedroom units, i.e., 12 meters. Cost for this is $98.10/night.

  5. Rent a whole 2-bedroom "Executive Suite": This costs $112.82/night and is bigger, has a nicer view and is on the inside corner of the main lobby. One of these will be used for the "hospitality suite", so there are 4 others that are available! The "hospitality suite" will be available at any time you need assistance.

  6. If you want more plush accommodations, believe me when we say you can spend as much as your little heart desires. These units are located in adjacent buildings and/or condominiums nearby. Call the lodge about availability. (304) 572-5252.

  7. If you want even lower cost accommodations, you can either bring a tent (no real close-by campgrounds) or sleep in a car or a van. Cost may vary depending upon your resourcefulness.

Note: We plan to be able to offer a few scholarships for student NYSC alumni attending the reunion. Every year we have been able to reduce the cost of their attendance and we expect this year to be no exception. Most of the time, entire registration fees and possibly some of their accommodation expenses can be refunded. Please note you are not obligated to accept this rebate, and can instead donate it to a worthy cause like the ADLER ENDOWMENT FUND.

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