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May 1998 Newsletter

Reunion '98

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Soon, we hope to see you at the Snowshoe Mountain Resort for the 35th anniversary celebration of NYSC. In case you don't know the location, Snowshoe is 48 miles south of Elkins, WV on US 219. This is a little over a one-hour ride from NYSC's site at Camp Pocahontas and is on the top of Cheat Mountain. Pocahontas County has a Web site at www.pocahontas.org, so set your browser bookmark!

There are lots of activities within the county; so many we can't hope to do everything during the few hours of our reunion. Therefore, the registration form for the reunion includes a place to vote on those items you'd like to consider as optional events. The Pocahontas County Tourism Commission can be reached at (800) 336-7009, and we have provided them with mailing labels to send you a fine brochure via bulk-mail. Snowshoe resort also has a page: www.snowshoemtn.com for your enjoyment.

We're all going to stay in our rooms and sleep for 4 days. (NOT!!!!!)

Nearly continuously open activities:

  • Food (munchies), Beverages (soda, coffee, etc)
  • Camp Store, Snowshoe branch--T-shirts, Frisbees?, Pens, Pins, Posters, Etc.
  • Medical Aid
  • Lost and Found (by request)
  • Message Board
  • Toiletries

Almost continuously open:

  • Grocery Store on hilltop
  • Restaurants
  • Stuff stores (clothing, post cards, etc.)
  • Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts
  • Children's Activity center
  • Chat groups
  • Music activities
  • Photo Archives (some available to purchase)

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