[National Youth Science Camp Logo] May 2000 Newsletter
The First Newsletter of the Millennium!*
*Yes, we know that some of you believe the Millennium starts in 2001 -- humor us!

Adler Endowment Fund Update

The Adler Endowment has had a great beginning for 2000. A short note went out and several alumni have already contributed this year. Donations from October 1999 to May total $37,735.00 and another $5,000 has been pledged by one alumni to be given in the next few months. In addition, there is a challenge grant. If we bring in another $10,000, then two anonymous donors will each give $5,000. This means your donation is worth twice as much if you help get us the next 10,000. The fund balance is nearly $165,000.

Only through donations by each of us can we reach our goal of Endowing the operation of the National Youth Science Camp. Since it takes about $300,000 to run the camp each year, the fund needs to grow to about $5,000,000 to run the camp in perpetuity. Give what you can, and help us make this dream a reality. Remember the enjoyment you had at camp and make it so it can always be present for future campers! Why not join the others that have decided that in the year 2000, they can donate $2,000 to the fund!


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