[National Youth Science Camp Logo] May 2000 Newsletter
The First Newsletter of the Millennium!*
*Yes, we know that some of you believe the Millennium starts in 2001 -- humor us!

Highlights from the San Francisco Reunion August 13-15, 1999

Steve Blasberg (CA68) welcomed over 40 guests to the reunion held at the Stanford Campus. The reunion featured a walking tour of campus, day trips to nature sites and San Francisco attractions, and a Saturday night dinner followed by lots of music and conversation. We all had a super time - thanks for showing us San Francisco, Steve! (And thanks also to Jan, Amy, and Lisa Blasberg for their hospitality!)

The key highlights from the business meeting follow.

  • Steve provided a report from the 1998 meeting in West Virginia.
  • The dates for the 2000 reunion were set and Judy Engibous agreed to be the coordinator.
  • Richard Wynne (KY82) provided a treasurer's report.
  • Dave Hackleman (OR69) gave an update on the Adler Fund and announced a matching challenge by two anonymous alumni for the first $10,000 donated by other alumni.
  • Steve gave a presentation on behalf of Paul Shih (MI91) regarding the mentoring program. (more details to follow in next newsletter)
  • John Giroir (LA89) provided an update on the Foundation's activities and on the past year's Camp.
  • Electronic resources -- management of the database and Web site and publication of the newsletter -- were discussed.
  • Officers were nominated.

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