A Part Of Me, A Part Of You (The Hospital Song) - by Danny Lopes, Sr

Everytime I look at you
I just don't know what to do
When I see you
Since you came into my life
Such a change in me I can't explain
Ever since I met you
While strollilng through the park one sunny day
It was love when I first saw you
And this love I really feel down deep inside
It's not often that I feel this way
But since you came into my life
You have now become a part of me
And I, a part of you

Source: Moe Keale CD Aloha Is A Part of Me - The composer, saw a lovely young girl strolling in a park and was inspired to write this song. She became his first wife, Mary Ann. Daniel Antone Lopes, Sr., a prolific composer, worked for Queen's Hospital 23 years. He volunteered his services after he retired and serenaded many patients with this song that became known as The Hospital Song.