`Anapau - Music by David Kamana

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He aha e ka hana `Anapau lâ
Holo lio e ka hana `Anapau lâ

He aha e ka hana `Anapau lâ
Ho`olewa e ka hana `Anapau lâ

I luna a`e `oe `Anapau lâ
I luna loa `oe `Anapau lâ

I lalo iho `oe `Anapau lâ
I lalo loa iho `Anapau la

He aha e ka lole `Anapau lâ
He silika e ka lole `Anapau lâ

Ha`ina e ka hana `Anapau lâ
Ua pau e ka lewa `Anapau lâ

Haina ko ma`i `Anapua lâ
Ua pau e ka lewa `Anapau lâ

What does `Anapau do?
`Anapau rides a horse

What does `Anapau do?
`Anapau goes here and there

Up goes `Anapau
Way up high goes `Anapau

Down goes `Anapau
Way down goes `Anapau

What does `Anapau wear
Silk clothing `Anapau wears

Tell th refrain of what `Anapau does
All is finished for`Anapau

Tell the refrain of the ma`i of `Anapau
All is finished for `Anapau

Source: Na Mele Hula
by Nona Beamer, Noble's Hawaiian Melodies - This mele ma`i chant in honor of Queen Lili`uokalani was set to music. Copyright 1935 Miller Music Inc Music clip by Gippy Cooke