`Ano`i Pua Kaimana- Words by John K. Almeida, Music by Randy Oness

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`Auhea `oe e ku`u ipo
E ku`u ipo ho`ohenoheno
E ho`i mai e pili
Me `ano`i pua kaimana

O ko aloha ka`u mea nui
Ho`omâhie i ka pu`uwai
Ke mino`aka mai ia`u
A he `olu mau ia no`u

E ku`u pua lei onaona
I haku ia me ka no`eau
`O `oe no ko`u li`a
Ka `i`ini a ka mana`o

Mana`o ia o ka `upu ana a`e
E hiu au a lilo `oe na`u
Ma ku`u poli mai `oe
Na`u e honehone aku

Ha`ina `ia mai ka puana
E ku`u ipo ku`u lei aloha
E ho`i mai e pili
Me `ano`i pua kaimana

Where are you, sweetheart
The girl that I long for
Come here to me
To your beloved gem, the diamond

Your love is dear to me
A love that delights the heart
When you smile at me
Happiness possesses me

O my fragrant wreath
Woven with skillful hands
My yearning is all for you
The person I most desire

The thought overwhelms me
To take you, possess you
Come to my arms, dear
Let love have its way

This is the end of my song
Of my sweetheart, my beloved
May she come and be with me
Her beloved gem, her diamond

Source: Na Mele Aloha, Translated by Mary Pukui, Music clip by Gippy Cooke