At Waikîkî - by John Noble & Sol Bright


Rolling waves on a starry night
Speak to me of love that's true
Flowers of ev'ry hue
I've found someone that's new
Love enchants me 'cause it's you

In a rendezvous of dreams and tropic love
With the sweet melody haunting me
There I met a polynesian hula maid
At Waikîkî

'Neath the swaying coco palms I've learned to say
Honi kâua ê wiki ê
And she taught me how to do the hula, too
At Waikîkî
The ancient rhythm of the native guitars
Brought me into dreams of love
The pale Hawaiian moon and tropical stars
Emanating from above
In this rendezvous of dreams and tropic love
We were held in a spell of romance
And this dusky maiden stole my heart away
At Waikîkî


Source: Halemanu Collection - Lena Machado met a frequent tourist from the mainland, at Waikiki. Their friendship endured and when this lady was on her deathbed, she sent for Lena. Her last wish was that Lena compose and sing a song for her as a reminder of the happy times spent in Hawai`i. Overcome with emotion, Lena was unable to grant this wish and sent for Sol Bright who wrote this beautiful song to honor the gift of friendship. Copyright 1939 Miller Music Corp