Awaiâulu - by George Kaleiohi, Sr.

E awaiâulu i ke aloha
I kou pili hemo`ole i ke kau
`O ka hana ana i`a ua pono
Pono `oe pono pû ho`i kâua
E ke aloha e maliu mai `oe
Eia ho`i au ke kali aku nei
`O ka `ike ua noa kau hana
He nani ka `i`ini pu`u wai

Hiki mai ana ke aloha
Kau mai ana ka hali`a
Ho`ola`au mai ana ia`u
E ho`i mâua e pili

O kau mau `upu ana
Kau i ho`oko ai
E ka manawa i hiki mai
Pono `oe pono pû ho`i kâua

Mali `ia iho ka houpo
Kali`a a loko ho`i
`Omau `ia iho a pa`a
I mau ke ko`i`i a loko
Bind your love tightly
Never to be severed over time
Doing all that is proper
So that you and I prosper together

My love, listen to me
For here I am, waiting

I know that you are willing
How lovely is the heart's desire

When love comes
The fond memory arises
Constantly urging me
We two should be back together
All passions
Come to fulfillment
When the time comes
You're satisfied, we`re satisfied together

The heart is soothed
Slowed within
Fastened securely
To continue the desire within


Source: Napua Kaleiohi Victorino - This mele, also known as Awaiåulu, Waiaulu and Waiulu is from the collection of Nana Mahelona. Some collections credit this mele to Mary Jane Montano and David Nape