Ali`i `Iolani - Traditional

`Auhea wale `oe e ku`u aloha `eâ
Ne`ene`e mai `oe, ne`ene`e mai `oe
A pili pono

Kakona ka `i`ini me ka mana`o
Lalawa a ninihi, lalawe a ninihi
He ma`û ia.

Ha`a mai nâ hene ua noe luna `eâ
Waiho kâhela, waiho kâhela
Luhe i ka wai.

He kai nehe mai i ka `ae one `eâ
I ka pâ honehone, i ka pâ honehone
Hone i ka poli

I ku`u aloha e hone mai `oe `eâ
Pipili a mamau, pipili a mamau
A hô`i`o.

Ha`ina ku`u li`a po`ina `ole
Ke aloha i pili `ia, ke aloha i pili `ia
I ka pu`uwai.

Hea aku no wau e ô mai `oe `eâ
Ali`i `Iolani, Ali`i `Iolani
Nou ke kahua
Now listen my love
Snuggle up, snuggle up
Till you're good and close
Desire throbs at the thought
Being carried away to the brink
Is better than nothing
Misty rain from above comes down the slopes
Lying spread out, lying spread out
Drooping with water
It's a sea lapping on the soft sand
With a sound so appealing
Appealing to the heart
Oh my love, tease me gently
Cling close as always
As if you take this seriously
This tells of my unforgettable desire
The love that is held fast
In the heart
I call out, oh answer
Noble Iolani, noble Iolani
In your honor, this theme

Source: Hillier Collection, "Genoa Keawe By Request" Album - ` Iolani (Royal hawk) was one of the names of Alexander Liholiho, Kamehameha IV, who came to the throne at age 21, in 1855, and reigned until 1863. This song was probably written before 1856, when the King married Emma Rooke. As was the custom, the song became the property of the one whom it honored, the composer remaining anonymous. Some credit the music to Helen Parker