Aloha Sunset Land - Lyrics by Ioane Kawelo & J.R.Shannon, Music by Ioane Kawelo

Purple shadows play 'neath the koa trees
Far o're the western sea
Homeland mine
Oh, how I long for thee

Night winds bring the sweet ukulele
Strumming its melody
In my dreams
Calling again to me

Silver moonbeams light up the mountain peaks on high
Baby stars are twinkling beneath the mothering sky
Memories bring dream pictures of childhood scenes so grand
While my heart is crying for Sunset Land

I love each rock and rill
I love each vale and hill
Aloha `oe fair isle so grand
Though o're the seas I roam
In dreams I'll journey home
Aloha Sunset Land

Oahu, where mem'ries are golden
I miss your coral'd strand
Isle of dreams
My own Hawaiian land

Where the rippling waters are playing
While sunbeams kiss the sea
Could you know
How my heart yearns for thee

Daydreams bring the lilt of the birdlings song so gay
Where wild daisies swayed by the tradewinds seem to play
Though the years may lead me afar o're oceans blue
With each sunset, I will return to you

Source: Strand Family collection - Ioane Kawelo was an alias used by John Stepan Zamecnik 1872-1953) a prolific American composer who trained at the Prague Conservatory of Music. Credited with nearly 2,000 compositions, he was a major composer of "photoplay music," the genre of music used by silent film theater orchestras.