Aloha Kalaniana`ole - Words by Malia Craver Music by Val Kepilino


He mana`o he aloha
No ka lani ali`i
Ka elele kaulana
I Wakinekona

Ua `imi `ia e `oe
Me ke ahonui
I kahua kupa`a
No na `oiwi Hawai`i

Nâ `âina ho`opulapula
No kona lahui aloha
Na ewe o ka `aina
Au i mana`o nui ai

A`ole makou e poina
I kau hana maika`i
E ola kou inoa
Ka`elele i Wakinekona

Ha`ina mai ka inoa
Ke ali`i lokomaika`i
E mau ka ho`omana`o
O Kalaniana`ole


Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana`ole
in prison uniform

(This is) A loving recollection
Of our royal prince
The famous delegate
To Washington

You have sought
With much patience
To seek a solid foundation
For the native Hawaiians
Homestead lands
For your beloved people
The natives of the land
Whom you thought much of

We shall never forget
Your good deeds
Long live your name
The delegate to congress

This is our song's conclusion
About the kind-hearted prince
May his name be long remembered
(The name) Of Kalaniana`ole


Source: Aarona-Kepilino Collection, Peter Ahia's CD Peter Sings - This mele honors Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole born at Hoai, Kualu in the Koloa district of Kaua`i. He was the great grandson of Kaumuali`i, the last king of Kaua`i, educated at Iolani School (formerly St. Alban's College), Punahou, St. Matthew's School (San Mateo CA) and the Royal Agriculture College in Cirencester, England. When his aunt, Queen Lili`uokalani was deposed, he joined the revolutionaries, tried to restore the monarchy, was arrested, charged with treason, imprisoned and pardoned. He married Elizabeth Kahanu Kaauwai in 1896, daughter of a Maui chief, and was Hawai`i's elected delegate to congress, serving from 1903-1921. He died at his Waikiki Beach home of heart disease, January 7, 1922, at age 50, the last Hawaiian, by birth right and designation who could have claimed the throne of Hawai`i. Copyright Val Kepilino