Goodbye Honolulu

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I`ve traveled all around the world and seen all kinds of sights
The beauties of Los Angeles and New York town's bright lights
Paris is a grand old place and London too, is fine
Germany had charms for me with her great scenic Rhine

The Orient looked good to me
And I enjoyed my stay
But there's one place that beats them all
And now I'm going to say:

Goodbye Honolulu, you've been kind to me
You have been fine to me, yes mighty kind to me
And when I'm back in my hometown
I'll think of you and I'm telling you true

Now dear old Honolulu
How I hate to go
Because I love you so, that's why

You bet I'm coming again
I'll write and tell you just when
So Aloha `Oe before we now depart
For since I've seen your place and since I've known your race

It's mighty hard to say goodbye.

Source: G. Cooke collection - Music clip by Gippy Cooke