Kealoha - Words by Liko Johnston, Music by Liko Johnston & Howard Zuegner
When she passes by
Heads all turn and sigh
There goes Kealoha
The gentle breezes sing
A love song of her charms
Just for Kealoha
She is just a hula miss
From the isles across the sea
With the dance that has that sway
When she glides across the sand
With a smile upon her face
She can steal any hear away
Flowers bow their heads
The sun and moon and rain
All adore Kealoha
She's a beauty from those isles
She'll charm you with her wiles
That dancing, romancing
Entrancing hula maiden, Kealoha


Source: Baker Collection -written for hula artist, Kealoha McBirnie. Copyright 1956-67 Atlantic Music Corp