Kupa Landing (Cooper Landing) - by Lot Kauwe

Ho`okena i ka la`i
Honomû a`o nâ manu
`Ike ia i ka lihi ali`a `oe pûlale mai
`O Kupa Landing
Hanohano i ka maka
Hô`olu `ia nô Ho`okena
Ho`oheno ana i ka mana`o
Nâ kupa o ka `âina
Hô`olu i ka maka o ka malihini
Kani nei, kani nei, kani nei
A`o nâ manu
U la laê, u la laê u

Hone nei, hone nei, hone nei
I Ho`okena
I ke kulukulu aumoe

Ho`okena in the calm
Honomû of the birds
See a little bit and you long to rush there
Cooper Landing
Glorious to see
Truly pleasant is Ho`okena
Cherished in the thoughts of the
Residents of the land
Pleasant in the sight of the visitor
Sing, sing, sing
The birds

Singing sweetly
At Ho`okena
In the midnight hours

Source: Kawai Cockett "Beautiful Kaua`i" Album - This Hawaiian cowboy yodelling song reminds us of the days when cattle would be led to the water and swim to ships off-shore at Cooper Landing in Ho`okena to be sent to the Honolulu market. Translated by Kini Sullivan