Kûwili ( Stand Entwined) - Kaleiepu

Aia i Kûwili `eâ
O Kanaueue

E naue kaua `ea
I ka `ai ho`opau

Holu a ka lau nui `eâ
`O ko`u hoa `ia

Noho ana me a`u `eâ
E holu ana me `ia la

Aia i Kailina `eâ
I uka Kahauwiki

Ho a`e kaua `eâ
Kai a’o Halehai

`A`ole no nau `eâ
Na ka manu i Hele le`a

Aha le`ale`a maka `eâ
Noho ka `ino i loko

Ha`ina ka puana `eâ
Kai a`o Hale hai


There at Interwoven

We rotate and
Do it till finished

Slide in and out of the coco frond
Of my companion

Staying with me
Sliding in and out with that one

There is Kailina
Mauka is small hau tree

We two make soft
The one of Hiring House

Not for me
Belongs to the bird at Go-Happy

When pleasing the appearance
Ugliness stays inside

Tell the theme
The one of Hiring House


Source: Noble’s "Hawaiian Hulas" - Kûwili was the red-light district of Honolulu makai (towards the ocean) of Nimitz highway, bordering Leleo and Iwilei. Verse 1, stanza 2, Kanaueue (rotating of the hips) was the name of a fish pond at Kûwili. Verse 5, stanza 2, mauka is the direction towards the mountains. Kahauwiki is the area where Fort Shafter is located. Hale is sometimes used to describe a woman. The whaling industry was credited with establishing prostitution in the 1800’s. The notorious house of prostitution, or Hale Le`a, called the Iwilei Stockade was eventually shut down by the legislature in 1916. Copyright 1934,62 Miller Music Corp. Recorded by Moana Chang "Boat Days in Hawai`i" CD. Translated by Kini Sullivan