Ku`u Ipo Pua Rose (My Sweetheart, the Rose) - by John K. Almeida

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He aloha ku`u ipo pua rose
Ku`u lei o ke ano ahiahi

A he lei na`u i haku a lawa
I kahiko no ku`u kino

He nohea i ka maka ke `ike
I ka milimili a ku`u lima

He u`i ho`oheno pu`uwai
He aloha honehone i ka poli

Aloha e ka leo o ka moa
E ka hea mai e ua ao

Puana ka inoa o ku`u lei
Lei aloha o ke kakahiaka


Beloved is my sweetheart, the rose
My darling of the evening hours

Made by me into a lei
To adorn my person

You are fair indeed to see
A flower fondled by my hands

A beauty that appeals to my heart
A loved one to cherish in my bosom

I love the voice of the cock
That proclaims that day is here

This ends the song for my loved one
My beloved one of the morning

Source: Na Mele Aloha, Translated by Mary Pukui, Music Clip by Gippy Cooke